Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excerpts from Shenzhen

Here are a few verbal snapshots, excerpted from an email from Sally at 11:07 EST, Tuesday, August 11:

Have had 2 great days in
Shenzhen. Shiyun's parents are adorable and they h
ave really bent over backwards to be generous and kind hosts to us. Last night's event was amazing - 5 new students and their parents came, and they are so excited,
and their parents were so relieved to meet Andy and me. One girl told me that we have "kind faces" and she never thought the head of her school would be nice.
One more day. The Zhengs are giving us the day to regroup, get work done and pack for the early morning we'll have on Thursday. Then we will meet them at 6pm to go to somewhere in the city, I think with the entire extended family. What a trip this is going to be; of course, Shiyun is the only one who speaks English. She also just got here herself about 4 days ago and still has some jetlag. She's been a trouper.

Had a wonderful event last night - 5 new students and their parents came, along with the Zhengs and the mother of one of our seniors (who is in Beijing right now). All our other current students happened to be traveling right now.

Today we went to brunch with Shiyun and her mother, then met most of the new girls and one of their mothers at a Chinese Cultural Folk Village - their version of Plimouth Plantation or the like. Very interesting, and we saw 2 great shows. The whole group had dinner at a beautiful Brazilian restaurant.

That's all I have energy for right now. Just wanted you to know what I'm up to a bit. I'm definitely ready to come home, but it's been great. Have to work hard on my blog when I get there!

(edited by Hank)

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