Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winter is Over... I think

Just before Spring Break we got one more (beautiful) snow storm in Greenfield. It was as if Winter was giving us a last reminder that we live in New England and it's not going to get warm around here very fast. The girls, however, headed out with great ease - the snow had been well plowed by the time they headed for home, and at this point in the year they have the vacation routine down pat.

John Larson said to me that day that he was really proud of the girls for getting through winter with great aplomb; I agree. They've done a wonderful job staying focused and providing entertainment along the way. I too had fun with our Social Action and February Thaw Day, Spirit Week, International Week, 100 Nights, private lesson recitals and special treats and favors provided by the Admin team for faculty and staff. I thought Skyisha dressing up like me was a riot -- but not quite as good as Kara Fagan dressing up like her! I am impressed that one of our Social Action speakers inspired one of our new students, Shiyun, to do conservation work this summer, and I always appreciate the opportunities to learn about other cultures and foods which happened in spades during International Week. Anne Marie Gonzales and Chi-Hung Liao were allowed to cook in the school kitchen (thanks, Mike!) and wowed us at lunch with their culinary talents. I was only disappointed not to be able to attend the Upper School play, a masterpiece by all reports, but am looking forward to seeing a videotaped version. By the last week before vacation, the faculty and students were hard at work on exams and projects, and the Admissions Office was busy making final admission decisions, mailing out our letters with the perennial SBS blue stars of congratulations.

You can imagine how it was suddenly quiet the Monday following the girls' departure. Let me just say here that we have an amazing group of young women at this school...I'll be happy to see them back for spring term.

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